The Victorious Life Transforming Center is led by an energetic and easy going Pastor Bernard Igwe, ably supported by his beautiful and humorous wife, Kristabel Igwe. Together with our team of leaders, they lead us into the path of victory.

Pastor Ben Igwe

Ben Igwe is the founder and Senior Pastor of the Victorious Life Transforming Centre, based in Krugersdorp, Mogale City (West of Johannesburg), Gauteng Province, South Africa.

The vision for the Victorious Life Transforming Centre (VLTC), was received when he was seeking the face of God after his released from The Hilltop International Christian Centre, a church where he had served as an assistant pastor for over 18 years.

Ben Igwe is a dynamic preacher that believes in the undiluted Word of God with demonstration of God’s power, miracle and signs following. He is a trained Accountant by profession and a business man. In his word; “I heard the voice of God to follow him, but I did not understand why I should follow him because I have never been to a church before”. With the call, God brought in his way committed brethren who helped to nurture the seed of God’s word. Notably amongst this was Pastor Chris Oarhe who he met in Benin City, Edo State, in 1992. They worked together till his release form the Hilltop International Christian Centre in 2010.

Ben Igwe is married to Kristabel. They are blessed with three children, two beautiful girls and a

Kristabel Igwe

Kristabel is married to the Senior Pastor of the Victorious Life Transforming Centre (VLTC) - Pastor Ben Igwe. She serves as a pastor in the VLTC.

Her commitment in helping others is evident through her lifestyle of service. She runs a monthly relationship and health / wellness programme tagged ‘Heart Talk with Pastor Kristabel’. She runs other events to empower woman to develop a deeper and committed love for God.

She is a trained Mass Communicator, and a Health and Human Services personnel.

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