Our passion is children! We teach the word of God in a fun and child friendly environment, because we believe that children are a blessing from the LORD.

At the Victorious Life Transforming Centre, we believe that with these ‘blessings’ comes responsibilities. We minister to the spiritual need of our children from 9am – 11:30am on Sundays at the children’s church, where the teachers and mothers who give the children both facts and experiences that help them to decide to let Jesus live in them.

The need for this is evident, in that many young people grow into adulthood and decide not to follow Christ because they had not been prepared to accept Jesus as their Savior.

At the Children’s church, we try to make our children to have the opportunity of joyful expression of emotion, because children’s actions are based largely on emotion. And we help them to establish and nourish friendship with other children.

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